Rocket Top Zippo from 1949 MIB

This is a very rare "Rocket Top" Zippo from 1949. The Zippo is so called because the cover is abnormally curved outward and somewhat resembles a pyramid. Such Zippo produced only a month in 1949 and were probably caused by a manufacturing defect.

This "Top Rocket" Zippo is in MIB condition and a real rarity.

Zippo from 1948 - 1949 MIB

The Zippo is completely unused and has no engravings, etc. The box is from early 1948, because the Box underbody has still no lettering. Only later it was provided with the Zippo logo.

Tall Case Zippo from 1946 MIB

The Tall Case Zippos, like this, from 1946 MIB (mint in Box) are very rare. The nickel-silver case from the Zippo is without chrome and slightly taller than the Zippos from 1947 and it has the original 14 hole nickel-silver Insert.



It comes with original Box and Instruction in very good condition. 

Tall Case Zippo from end of 1946 in very rare Box MIB

The Case from this Zippo is chrome and it has the "crisscross" teeth on the Flintwheel. The box is extremly rare, because it was produced only a few months in 1946.

Zippo from 1948 - 1949 MIB

Ths 1948/1949 MIB Zippo comes with a factory engraving from the Zippo Company, very nice and you see it not very often in this Condition.

Sperry Zippo from 1948 - 1949 MIB

The Sperry Zippo from 1948/1949 MIB is a very nice Zippo with double engraving. The Sperry Company produced radar systems and other navigation equipments. This Company was very important for the USA in the WWII, because the ships from the navy and the airplanes from the Airfore used technology from the Sperry Company.